Year of the Snake, A New Look and 5 Lessons Learnt

It was Chinese new year yesterday, I’ve decided that it was the start of the new year for me yesterday instead of January. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Or Happy New Year! It’s the year of the Snake, good luck to all you Snake’s this year! My Chinese Zodiac is actually Tiger, ROAAAR. Ok… now that I got that out of my system.


So it happened by chance that the NEW website launched yesterday. Yes, NEW site and NEW year. Double whammy. Interspace….There’s a new look over at Did you get that, there’s a, wait for it, NEW look and feel.

The development of this website started last year, around July / August. I had the ideas of how I wanted it to look and feel so I did the design in Photoshop and later sent this to the developer (at the time).

Anyway, fast forward a few months, ran into issues with the developer, I was left with a half working website. I use to study Multimedia & Internet back at Uni but the coding always lost my attention span. I worked on getting the content together and on.

I was very very close to scrapping the whole thing and starting the site from scratch and build it myself like I did last time. But then again I didn’t want to, I’d spent alot of time and effort on this site already. As if by magic, (the universe has a wonderful of doing things doesn’t it?) Rob of Formulate Design got in contact. I discussed the site with him and literally a couple of days later he’s got it all in shape and ready for me to launch it. And then he messaged me to say he had bad news…. Yeah BAD news. Turns out the developer hadn’t optimised my site to run on Internet Explorer. Internet, he tested the site and it was BROKE on IE.

Fast forward a day or two and he’s fixed it up for me. And is now fresh and unique. I’d without a doubt highly recommend him if your on the look out for a new web project. He’s been super helpful with addressing the issues and then taking it into another direction which I had in mind, he’s made my visions for the website a reality!

Take a look over at
Take a look over at

Along with the site, I’ve made changes to this blog to keep it consistent across the board.


5 lessons I’ve learnt from this experience

1 – Outsource where possible so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Work closely with your developer to ensure the end product is right for YOU and YOUR clients.

2 – Never mix business and friendship. If your friendship goes down the drain, it’s going to have an impact on your business. (I googled the above image AFTER I typed this btw)

3 – Even if there are glitches and mistakes on the way – It’s totally fine. Point 1 was a lesson learnt.

4 – As all things in life, PESERVERE. I wanted the website to look and feel this way, I’ve been passionate about this project. It’s a shop front for people to see my work and  yes it be tweaked and changed but for the forseeable future, it’s the branding behind my work and the services I offer. Be passionate about your projects, and believe in your work, and say NO if the developer / designer working with you isn’t right for  you / your business start up.

5 – Be PATIENT. It took me months to get the right words for my website and weeks to cull down my work to what I felt was suitable for the site. I have thousands upon thousands of photographs. Take your time and don’t rush it, you may end up in a worse off position by rushing.

Take a look at the new site and get in contact if you have a project you want to work with me on.  I’d love to hear from you!

Stay with me for 2013, I’ve got some good stuff coming up. And to those of you who have been following and supporting me for the past year….


I’m forever thankful for your kind words and support you’ve shown in my first year of working my dream.

Signing off

P x





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