Strangest Purchase & Lars & The Real Girl

I’m always trying to learn new things and trying to better myself. As a person, and most definitely as a Photographer. I’m a believer of putting 110% + MORE into anything your serious about and anything your passionate about. And never quitting. Unless you run into something that’s out of your control. Even then I’ll re-think and re-direct and re-focus. And then apply this thing called ‘Patience’ to it. It’s buried deep within me.. But it’s there!! 😉

Recently I’ve had ideas for projects, I can see them in my head but I’m unsure on how to get them across in front of me to capture them. I’ve got a lot of ideas on how the lighting should look, but it’s an area I need to learn.

I booked myself onto a basic studio lighting course – when the guy was going through the theory, I lost focus. I lack confidence in that area, I just don’t get things when their not visual. Brain, honestly, malfunctions. That’s a big problem when your the sort of person who learns by DOING. It’s an issue I had through school, college and Uni. But I got my paper after years. That last year in Uni. Boy oh boy – I CRIED. Alot.

After months of research and years of looking at magazines, I know what I learnt in that one session was just scratching the surface. The problem with going into a studio to learn is the cost of it all. It starts mounting up, plus you gotta arrange for a model to go with you, it takes alot of time to co-ordinate shoots.

I love youtube, there’s so much help on that thing and so much educational stuff you can really take on board. So I sat watching videos and looking for tutorials on how to achieve what I have in my head. I saw someone using a Mannequin as their subject.

DUUUH why did I not think of this sooner?!

Lotso the bear, although he smells of strawberries and looks so cute and huggable – He’s too small to practise lighting on. So I went on ebay and purchased a… you got it… A MANNEQUIN. I’ll be honest, it’s one of the last things I thought I would ever buy! I kinda felt like Gosling in Lars & The Real Girl when I put her together! If you haven’t seen that movie, totally check it out! It’s AWESOME.



I’ve had to hide her in the corner of the room and put a blanket over her when not in use. I walked out of the room, and back in 3 times and scared the shit out of myself each time, thinking it was someone in the room!

I have a basic lighting set up that I invested in last year & I’m about to invest in a couple of more things so I have a 3 light set up. It’s going to be on a budget! But I’m looking forward to exploring and self teaching / learning. I’m also really excited to learn and then apply it to my future shoots. I wanna get my hands on PROFOTO gear in the near future… Fingers crossed!

The future is exciting!

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P x



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