Music & Bits and Pieces

I love re-discovering music. By this I mean, you buy a CD and then listen over and over and over, then it gets put away for a while. And then you rediscover it a long while after, sometimes a couple years after. I love that feeling!

IncubusMake Yourself – I just love this album! From ‘Privilege‘ through to ‘Out from Under‘. Every single track on this speaks volumes. It’s even nicer to listen to when the sun is out and you have that Spring feeling in the air!



Elbow – I’ve been listening to ‘The Bones of You‘ and ‘Grounds for Divorce‘ NON STOP these past few weeks. Their my get up and go tracks – They get me pumped!  Can’t get enough of them! Plus their name has popped up in alot of conversations recently….


My Vitriol – Turns out these guys are heading for a reunion and doing a gig at KOKO London in May. Their album Finelines is worth a listen!

My Vitriol Finelines

Blindside – Their album ‘Silence‘ is one of those I can just listen to over and over and over and it’s siimply not aged!! Their a Swedish band – this specific came out in 2002!


I was clearing up my room the other day – Thought to myself I’ve got some odd bits and pieces – Obviously had to share them with you all. Not only that, but it’s weird how sometimes you piece things together…

photo 4

Brought this DVD from HMV recently. I picked it up cos the cover looked awesome… Haven’t got round to watching it yet, but it looks good!

photo 3

One of my projects at uni we chose to write about Steve Jobs. Kinda fell in love with Apple right before this after using an iMac at one of the editing suites on campus. I applied for a job at the retail store, didn’t hear back. Applied a year later, 3 interviews later I was part of the team. Almost 4 years there. Amazing how you know what you want before even doing it – Subconciously maybe?

photo 2

Monkeys rock my wold! Check this lil dude out! He helps me dry my nails – Not just cute but handy too! Double whammy

photo 1

Not kidding. The taxi drove us past a shop in Bali. I spotted wooden Pinocchio from miles off – I made the driver turn the cab back round and stop off so I could buy him. Here he is! Ain’t he cool?

Is there any music your revisiting at the moment? and what kinda bits and peices have you got lying around? Hit me up in the comments box below!

P x



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