Practise makes Perfect, kinda & Learning

I had an urge to go see some Deers the other week, I’d seen a picture of Deer on my friend’s Facebook feed a while ago, so I got onto him, plus you helpful bunch on Twitter suggested a couple of places too (Thanks for that!) I headed on to Dunham Massey, it’s about a 30 minute drive or so from where I’m at. The sun was out, I found a Maxi Bon at the petrol station en-route (it’s only taken a year to find these bad boys here in Manchester! Try them – their heaven) and I had my camera with me. Bliss.

When I was out on the road travelling I was taking photos everyday. Of everything and anything. I learnt so much by doing so, the natural light that you learn to work with, without even realising till later, is invaluable. I’d totally recommend doing that, I learn by doing. If you learn in the same way, then totally do it. Here’s some photos from the day, I haven’t bothered editing them – cos that contradicts why I was out there shooting.

With this one I was going for the silhouettes of the tree plus the blue skies.
Gotta love trees throwing shapes



That deer was so cute! He didn’t look up for me though

IMG_3478 IMG_3516

In the last week I’ve learnt some crazy lessons. I’m still processing them in my head, I may blog about them in the very near future, as soon as I can turn the negatives into the positives 😉 ( cos who the hell needs negativity anyway?! )

So far, all I’ve got is, people are watching. If your trying to break into an industry, if your trying to aim high and reach goals, if your trying to SUCCEED, people are watching. They also might be quick to deter you and try to bring you down.

My thoughts? Eat the bullshit that’s fed to you, shake it off, and carry on. If you can piss people off without even KNOWING or trying, or get a reaction without doing a single thing. Then the issue lies with them, and not you.

The quote ‘Never look down on someone unless your helping them up‘ comes to mind.

Hope you guys had a fabulous week – and if it’s been not so great – pinpoint what it was that didn’t go so well, and try change it 🙂

Peace & Love

P x



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