The Sweet Smell of Books… and Music

I still love books.  The physical things! Even better is an older book which you buy randomly from a charity shop or a indie book store that’s at the end of a road on a back street some place.

A couple of months ago, I discovered one of these shops in Manchester. On purpose I parked the car at a different car park, so I’d have to walk a different route to get to the centre. En route, I heard some music blaring, it was like I was in a theatre. I stopped, and there was newspapers on stands, dated back to 1900’s. Comics that were still in their original packaging, collectors editions. I had to walk in, of course! It was heaven!

I took one of my bestie’s back to the place when she visited from London. She loved it! She brought a book and the chap at the till then gave us a piece of fruit each as she had spent money there. I fell in love with this business owner – He was clearly passionate about this joint – I can totally see why! You just can’t beat a physical copy of a book. The artwork, the feel, the texture. It’s why I still buy magazines…

Digital is great, I still read books on my Kindle App on my beloved iPad. But there’s just SOMETHING about a book.

I think Digital de-values a photograph, a peice of text, music. And in the age of digital, I like to go off the track and bring back something physical to my work.

Last year I went into Vibe Studio with The Rubys here in Manchester. We visually documented the process from pre-production right through till the guys being signed to Affinity Records. At the end of this process we’ve ended up with a alot of photos as you can imagine. What better way to document the photos than to put them into a book? 

Yes folks, we did just that, and here’s some photos of the book. It felt pretty amazing to see the photos in print – Never thought that it would turn into a book!

Here’s some photos

pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_the_rubys1 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_the_rubys2 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_the_rubys3

I’m also a hoarder of CD’s! Music is amazing…the album artwork I love flicking through, although it seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer which is a shame. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I can’t leave a gig without grabbing a CD if the artist was awesome live! I think the book reflects the look and feel to the album too, Limelight Parasite.


If you want new music and you haven’t yet heard of The Rubys – then check them out!

They have two more dates left before they hit the studio to record their single and new album.

Manchester 235 Casino – Friday 29th March
Birmingham o2 Academy 2 – Saturday 13th April

The Rubys –
Twitter – @the_rubys
Facebook – The Rubys
ou can purchase the album plus other merch via the online store here .

If your a band / artist looking for a photographer to work with on a long term basis for a similar project – Do get in touch!

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