Teamwork & Professional Photographer Magazine


T- Together
E- Everyone
A- Achieves
M- More

I simply don’t understand why more people don’t think like this. Sometimes, more brains are better on a project.

I think the key to a successful team is connecting, as people. For me, nothing beats working with creatives that just ‘get you’ and what your about and what your aim is to get from a project.

I’m learning to adapt, as a photographer, to shooting differently, to testing what works and what doesn’t work, to work with different faces.  It’s a struggle, but I absolutely thrive off the challenge and seeing the end result.  It’s all one big lesson – And I’m loving it.

When you score a goal, or hit a three, or get a touchdown, you dont do it for yourself, you do it for the team cause the name in the front of the shirt is more important than the one on the back.

On that note, I want to say a HUUUUGE THANK YOU to the guys that were involved in THIS shoot.

The stunning model – Candice, the SUPER talented MUA Nicole Hemmingway, and MD of Cliche Model Management, Melissa Drummond. This shot right here, it got us through to the TOP 20 Professional Photographer of the Year – Fashion category with Professional Photographer Magazine.


The competition had over 4200 entries from across the GLOBE. To get into the TOP 20, is fantastic for us. The other submissions were mind blowing to see – There’s so  many talented creatives out there. It’s amazing to be a part of it.

I feel blessed to be able to work with such talented creative individuals, not just models, but the bands I’ve so far got to work with. It’s an untouchable feeling and I’m forever thankful and I hope this ride just keeps going and it gets bigger and better. Nothing else will satisfy!


Please DO check out the digital booklet over on Professional Photographer Magazine’s website – There’s some STUNNING work in it. Click here to go check it out.

Give me a follow if you want to board the rollercoaster ride 😉

P x

P.S Never quit on your dreams, for every knock back you get, there’s a bigger and better opportunity waiting to be seized 🙂


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