Progressing Artists and Doing things for yourself


So lastnight I was at a gig. The Rubys were playing at Casino 235 in Manchester. What a fab little venue – very quirky and the lighting was pretty damn nifty.

The guys put out some new material they’ve been working on – And boy does it sound awesome. I think it’s amazing to see / hear an artist / band progress. Certainly these guys who I initially saw support another band, and having worked closely with them, it’s awesome to hear their new material and see where their heading. One of their new tracks reminded me of 3 Doors Down. Fair to say I loved it, the crowd were pretty damn receptive also!

I’ve said it a million times before, but it’s truly a blessing to be able to work with like minded creatives & I’m totally thankful for the opportunities I’ve had so far. I only seek to further progress in my area of work as these guys are doing in theirs. It’s about growing together.

Whilst at the show, a guy called Phil came over and said hello. I do prefer this to people stopping and staring! If you recognise me – Feel free to say hello! I don’t bite.

He’d come across my work and specifically one of the things we spoke about, was the shot that’s up at Manchester Arena (click here to see the post). The conversation was along the lines of people maybe not ‘getting’ or ‘understanding’ your work. More so friends and family. He said it’s great that the shot is up at Manchester Arena, he ‘got it‘ and was stoked that someone else ‘got it‘. I LOVE these kinda conversations and connecting with people in this way.

Shot up at Manchester Arena

My response? Do it for yourself.

1. Don’t forget why you started doing what your doing
2. You can’t make everyone happy – You think everyone loves the winners off X-Factor?They ain’t gonna sit and cry about it now are they? You gotta try and find the right audience for you and your work (depends on what your doing of course)
3. If people don’t get your work or you, the work relationship simply won’t be there – it’s about attracting and repelling.
4. Sometimes, it takes ONE person to notice your work. And it could be a game changer. Β Do what your doing, and the rest will come in due time. Patience kids!
5. If you aren’t getting the results you wanted, make a change, remember the world is your oyster! Just because your neighbour doesn’t like your work, doesn’t mean someone sat in NYC won’t LOVE it. Think big, and DO.



Thank You Phil for the inspiration for this blog post!

Have a lovely Easter folks

P x

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