New Music Finds: Thabo & The Real Deal + Imagine Dragons

They’re on two different sides of the scale entirely.

I discovered Thabo & The Real Deal a while ago via Twitter (I love that thing, I’m guilty of spending far too much time on it). The line-up consists of Zimbabwean singer Thabo Mkwananzi, Fender Rhodes Aron Kyne, percussion Ali Mac, and acoustic guitar Emmanuel Allert. They’re delivering raw sound backed up with lyrics you can connect to, talking about todays society and real life situations.

Their cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us‘ is just amazing. (It’s one of my all time-fave tracks, the lyrics speak volumes by the legend himself) and they just dropped their new video for ‘Worldwar Free‘. Check out the youtube videos below.

Connect with them on Twitter here and Facebook here.

Imagine Dragons. Boy oh BOY! Man, I only just discovered these guys a couple weeks ago. I can’t get them off my iPod & somehow I’m religiously listening to them EVERYDAY. They’re hitting up Manchester Academy 2 next week and I’m going by to see them live for sure!

Their EP ‘Continued Silence‘ is the latest one – All 6 tracks got me hooked. I checked out their debut album ‘Night Visions‘ & it delivers from track 1 through to track 11. They’ve been around since 2009 apparantly – Check them out if you haven’t already. Their music is uplifting and positive – I think their music will be the soundtrack of 2013 for me.

Check out ‘Radioactive‘ below.

Find them on Twitter here and Facebook here

Hope you guys had a wonderful easter weekend!

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P x


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