African Beauty

I think one of the things I enjoy the most about photography is that you can go wild. What I mean by this is, you can have an idea and collaborate with creatives that get the concept and just produce an image.

It doesn’t have to be for a client. It can just be for YOU – just to … Create … for the love of it.

Recently we did just that, Bukola at Maradarah Hair & Beauty got in contact. She wanted to create some images.  I asked her for the details and what she had in mind and so forth. She sent through some visual ideas and I jumped at the chance of being on board for this shoot.

With African heritage in my own family, I connected with this link in the concept when Bukola mentioned it.

I’ve been fascinated with tribes and cultures and lifestyles for a long while now. To work with a team of super talented to bring these ideas to life with a twist was fascinating and such a fun day!

A big thank you for all who were involved on the day!

Model: Jessica & Hana
MUA: Bukola Maradarah
Hair: Tola of Charis Hair & Beauty
Stylist: Jessica Lulu

Some shots …

“Makeup is to enhance your beauty and not change your look” says Bukola Maradrah
“The hair is the crown of a woman’s glory and women have found various styles of covering their hair using head wraps. The head wrap usually completely covers the hair, being held in place by tying the ends into knots. Hairstylist Tola ,tied and accesorized the headwrap to add glam” – Bukola Maradarah










“The Fulani are an ethnic group spread over many countries in Africa. They are known for their beauty and elaborate attire.I wanted to create a cultural Fulani beauty
With a modern twist, dark smokey eyes, dark lips, and yellow face art.” Bukola Maradarah on the above look.



Some more photos from the shoot will be shared later this week!

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P x





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