Staying true to your Art & How to not give a f*!%

This past week I took a photograph – I wasn’t ‘getting’ the look and feel but I STILL pressed that damn button on my camera and took it.

Let me tell you something, it was a crap photo.

I’m my own worst critic, I mean, sometimes people see something in a photo that I don’t get – or sometimes I like a photo but then people don’t get what I get from it. It’s all so subjective. But holy cow, this photo I looked at it and just felt like I failed myself.

I felt like THIS.
I felt like THIS.

This afternoon I been racking my brains over a few things – in the mist of this I had a moment of clarity.

You gotta stay true to who you are and what you do and YOUR art if your a creative. I kinda already knew this, but didn’t.

What do I mean by this?

Why allow yourself to be mould into something that isn’t true to you. As a human, I make changes in me that make me a better person, for me. Moral values, ethics, all that kinda stuff. Off the back of that, your going to attract the right people into your life that will reflect a similair personality type, values etc.


Why mould your work into something that’s already been done as an artist / creative?

Inspiration is one thing – It’s natural, we are all taking something from one another and from everything we see and do, but why let someone dictate how your work should look and feel. By having your own style, look, feel, the right clients will come to you as and when it happens. If your just ‘another’ photographer or ‘another’ artist that does the ‘same’ thing then the client may aswell go to the cheaper / free / inexperianced person who’s doing the same thing right?

Rule of a lady.... Rule of LIFE.
Rule of a lady…. Rule of LIFE.

I’ve been joining the dots between recent events and conversations to come up with the above solution. It’s FACT from the going ons. I’m thankful I’m attracting the right people who want to work together. It makes things just a little bit easier.

On that note – I find it terribly easy to say ‘No’ politely to situations and opportunities if I feel they aren’t right for me. It’s probably a good and bad trait! What’s the point in saying ‘Yes’ to something if your heart isn’t in it anyway – The results are going to reflect that.

Check this video out from Chase Jarvis LIVE – An interview with Julien Smith on ‘How to not give a f%&* (click on the link to check out the post)‘ It’s a great watch and I sat there for over an hour hooked on it and agreeing with everything this guy had to say. When I watch stuff like this, I realise I’m not the only one thinking it! Hallelujah!

Stay true to yourself guys and gals, and don’t let anyone take your creative spirit away!

Have a wonderful evening / day depending which part of the globe your at!

P x




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