Music & Memories

So this weekend I’m heading down to London for a couple of days. I’m catching up with a friend and we have some plans – most of it includes having fun and eating lots of ice cream. Oh – we are seeing P!nk did I mention. I love that woman’s music! Her show’s are INCREDIBLE. She’s a true artist. We’re also heading to Vogue Fashion Festival. The amazing photographer Mario Testino has a talk on Sunday arvo and we managed to get some last minute tickets. Ridiculously excited about it!

I’m infact doing this post up with music plugged in and on the road. It’s been a while since I took the bus / coach anywhere. Last year alot of travel was tied to work and so the train is quicker and convenient and less tiring. Last time I was on a bus was in Thailand whilst backpacking. I think travel like this makes you slow down a whole lot and truly reflect on what’s going on in and around you and process information. Sitting on a bus or a plane is truly for me a time to work stuff out ! It’s the time to be ‘ok’ to just hang back and suss it out. It’s also when I’m most inspired, just looking out the window at nature! Apart from now, I’m on the iPad.

I plugged my earphones in and thought I’ll listen to some new music – I love listening to new music when travelling as music has a way of being timeless. I mean, a song or an album can take you back to a imperative / fun / amazing / crap time of your life, it’s powerful stuff! Listen to it again a while later and the song can mean something totally different. Amazing eh?

I’m currently listening to James Vincent McMurrow – Early in the Morning – and the sun is shining – beautiful moments!


Some tracks and associations below of mine – What’s yours?


Adema – Remember them? Was a fan of these guys – front man Korn’s JD- his brother was the frontman of this band. It takes me back to being on a train in India – a fair few years ago. The smell of pollution and the monkeys hanging around on the fences as the train was shooting through. Beau!


Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto was the album of travelling through Asia – Bali and Thailand. Utter bliss!

Takes me back to working in the middle of nowhere in Australia working night shifts – Hardcore! And at the end of each shift the sun would blaze through the huuuge glass windows. Some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets I’ve ever seen – so far!! Wonderful!!


The song of realising ‘Woah there’s a big change about to happen – Hold on tight!’


High school days!


Freak on a leash was one of the first Korn tracks I heard. I was hooked from then on including the back catalogue of their work. The video mesmerised me



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