Live: P!nk at O2 London

So last Saturday night we went and saw P!nk at London’s O2 Arena. Holy shit – The venue is insane. First time at the O2 – I normally just go to the shows here at Manchester Arena.

The show was amazing, P!nk never fails to amaze – vocals, stage presence, the whole show was put together amazing. Visuals were insane and she was doing her CRAZY antics in the air once again. This show seemed even more demanding than the Funhouse show. Up in the air her and the dancers performed a whole routine in this insane ball. It was mind blowing. Goes to show how physically and mentally strong we can REALLY be if want to do something. Oh and Nate Reuss was there in spirit on the big screens performing ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ on a beautiful backdrop. So yummy.

It’s the first time in a couple of years I left the house without my kit. My 5D stayed at home this time – I seriously felt like I had a limb missing. I took my Canon Powershot SX230 with me – I still wanted to get some photos at the gig just for keepsake. Plus we were seeing Mario Testino do his talk on the Sunday at Vogue Fashion Festival (I’ll be blogging about that separately).

I got back on Monday night from London and hooked up the camera to my Mac and played back the photos. I’m pretty stoked with some of these photos. The last time I took a photo with a point and shoot – the photos were crap. But I wasn’t seeking to get any good shots, I was just taking them for my own use. This time round, I wanted to get some good photos and really prove to myself it’s (sometimes) not the camera that matters, it’s what you do with it.

Here are a couple of the photos I wanted to share tonight. Taken on a Canon Powershot SX230 , from the crowd.

Thank you P!nk for a wonderrrrrful show!

pshikotra_photography_music_pink_london_o2_7pshikotra_photography_music_pink_london_o2_3 pshikotra_photography_music_pink_london_o2_4 pshikotra_photography_music_pink_london_o2_5 pshikotra_photography_music_pink_london_o2_6


P x


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