Published: Alternative Manchester Photography

Pretty stoked to be sharing this tonight as it’s a little bit ‘special’ for me, and the subject in the shot, Sam Smith.

J W Lees Brewery ran a competition a little while ago, photographer (no really, he’s REALLY a photographer, the real kind 😉 ) Kevin Cummins was part judging the entries. Along with this, one of his shots was to be printed in a photobook along with the final entrants for a product launch that J W Lees were delivering.

For those of you who may not know of Kevin Cummins, he’s shot some of the most iconic shots of Morrissey & Joy Division. That’s just some of his work.  If you’ve seen photos of them… It may have been his work. He has an amazing photography background / history including ex- chief photographer for NME (10 years)  he’s also Manchester City’s photographer, if your a fan of football!

I stumbled across his workshop details last year after Sam mentioned him to me, and so I brought a ticket and went down to it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise he was the person behind these iconic shots, until that day. As the photos were being presented back on a projector, I slowly started shrinking into my seat, thinking ‘holy cow, it’s HIS work’.

I got a little ‘starstruck’ and my face went bright red when he came over to say hello. Yes, it happened, I really said it,’Oh my god, your work is AMAZING‘ and then stood there – probably with my jaw dropped open. Totally cringe at the thought of it now. But it happened. Then we had some beer, and then all was ok and I plucked up the courage to head on over, shake his hand and say thank you for his time at the end of the workshop.

Fast forward almost a year and I met him again at one of his recent exhibitions here in Manchester. He’s possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life,  a really humble human being that came across grounded and arrogant-free even though he’s successfully still working in the industry after so many years. That’s pretty damn awesome. Yeah I was still star struck. I need to work on that.

Sam’s been a fan of his work for a long time it turns out, he was the one who really name dropped him in convo. I LOVE his work. It’s so simple, yet not.  I submitted a shot from a location shoot I did with Sam (check out the full set of photos here) & I’m pretty stoked to say that it got through to being printed to the photobook which Cummins work also appears in.

It’s the first time that a music shot has been published to print in a book, and for it to be printed in a book that one of my ‘fave’ photographers is also published to. Well then that’s just pretty overwhelming. We also found out it got through on the day of Sam Smith & Company’s EP launch. Double whammy.

Thank you Sam for being the subject in the shot. Tag team…

pshikotra_kevin_cummins_manchester_music_photography_jwlees pshikotra_kevin_cummins_manchester_music_photography_jwlees2 pshikotra_kevin_cummins_manchester_music_photography_jwlees4 pshikotra_kevin_cummins_manchester_music_photography_jwlees5 pshikotra_kevin_cummins_manchester_music_photography_jwlees6 pshikotra_kevin_cummins_manchester_music_photography_jwlees8

Check out Sam Smith & Company’s EP ‘From Heathens to Devils‘ on Spotify or iTunes!

P x


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