Live: Mog Stanley

Couple of months ago I came across Mog Stanley at a gig I was at. First time I’d seen him or heard of him to be honest! His music was appealing so I purchased the EP after his set.

Fast forward a few weeks later, he invited me down to shoot his set at The Castle in Manchester. So I went on by. He was one of the first acts up on stage, he got the crowd going. His bluesy sound had the crowd stomping their feet, sounded like the zebras’s crossing the plains in The Lion King. (Was it zebra’s?)

Who’s this Mog Stanley your wondering? Pass it over to him…

Mog Stanley, who are you and where do you hail from?

M: An unhinged alternative blues one man band noisemaker residing in Preston, Lancashire looking to escape whenever an opportunity arises.

How long have you been around for / gigging?

M:As a solo musician i suppose I’m relatively new, the back end of 2011 is when i decided to give it a go after doing the odd gig here and there.

Describe your music in 3 words.

M:Unconventional, Spontaneous (I never write set lists or run through what im going to play) Catchy

Who or What is your biggest inspiration?

M:I think being open minded about all kinds of music helps when writing your own stuff. I suppose there’s a romantic idea of sitting at home drinking whiskey and listening to leadbelly on a crackly gramophone which is cool but there is so much good music out there and its always exciting to hear good new music. Stops you thinking everything has been done.

A few years ago i went to Nashville, hired a car and drove through the Mississippi Delta down through lots of little blues towns, which was brilliant and ended up in New Orleans. I’m sure some of that experience has bled into my music!!

What’s your plans for 2013 / 2014?

M:To release my debut lp, gig in places i’ve never been before, play to more people, get more exposure, write more songs, get on a cool record label πŸ™‚ Play some festivals, Get into london town, SXSW, Glastonbury, Make some videos, not to go bald, Focus, Play in France again (loved every minute of it) Re focus, Stop buying equipment i don’t actually use! World domination, listen to more music, play more music, get paid for it on a regular basis

You can find him:

Here’s some photos from the night
pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_photography_mog_stanley_live_the_castle2pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_photography_mog_stanley_live_the_castle6 pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_photography_mog_stanley_live_the_castle7 pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_photography_mog_stanley_live_the_castle9pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_photography_mog_stanley_live_the_castle17pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_photography_mog_stanley_live_the_castle19pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_photography_mog_stanley_live_the_castle21 pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_photography_mog_stanley_live_the_castle23

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