Live: Sam Smith & Company

Prior to this show at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester, I’d seen these guys play at The Roadhouse the week before. This was at the EP launch of ‘From Heathens to Devils‘ (Which by the way is now available to purchased on iTunes). Sam had invited me down to get some behind the scene stills at the launch but I couldn’t make it down. I think we should be able to split ourselves into pieces sometimes and send each piece in a different direction!

I use to work with Sam a couple of years ago, it’s been awesome to see his journey so far from starting out, to launching his EP. I’m a sucker for stories and processes.

The guys were very well retrieved on the EP launch night and following that success, they had the crowd going at this gig too. It was the shot of Sam which recently got published – click here for that blog post.

Whenever I can, I’ll help friends out by being behind the lens on a night. It’s great to be able to just pick up a camera and capture something, a moment, or a part of someones life, through a lens. And share that back with them. More so when it comes to music.

At this gig, the lighting was really low, the stage set up was pretty different to for a small venue too. Out came the 50mm lens. It was a great opportunity to run with it and see what the shots would look like.

Here’s some from the night






Skipped the drummer once again…Damn. Sorry Peter!

You can find them on facebook here and twitter here – Give them a listen if your on the look out for new music!

They also have their own blog over here.

P x

P.S Check out the back of their EP – It’s one of the live shots I captured for them last year


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