Slumps & Connecting the Dots

We all get them don’t we? Slumps.

My definition of slump is ‘plodding’ along or ‘losing motivation’. I hate to plod along. Infact, 9 times out of 10 I feel like I could be doing more!  Even though maybe physically it’s not feasible. Boo!

Leave me in a room for half an hour without anything to do and I’ve thought up about hundred ideas of what I want or need to be doing – Most of these are productive, some aren’t. (OF COURSE we all should dress up in bear costumes and approach miserable people on the streets and give them bear hugs – Who wouldn’t laugh at that?)

My right part of the brain is in over drive - I can't take much seriously these days
My life revolves around the right side. You gotta have fun with all you do. Yeah, I took a job offer cause my top song at the time came on. I took it as a sign. Errr no, really!

Some would say I’m never happy with where I’m at. I just kinda think I want the best for me. I mean, who wouldn’t? Without wanting that, you wouldn’t aspire to be better, as a person, in a relationship, career. Whatever the situation, right?

I looked at my resume a few weeks ago – I’ve had 9 jobs in the last 10 years. I’m 26! The only one I stuck it out at was Apple, I lasted almost 4 years. All the other jobs I walked out of  cause I wasn’t happy in them. Retail, Sales, Web Designer (Office – never again!), Call Centre.

Some of these jobs paid really well, I mean, I was making alot of cash whilst studying as I worked for 3 – At the time, their commission was amazing and I was smashing targets so easily!(Heck I ranked in the top 30 sales people for the company in the UK) It was fun until I got bored of the money. There was no job satisfaction there for me. I took a pay cut and ended up at Apple.

Picked up a camera as a hobby, fellow colleagues were so helpful and supportive, started learning and practising ended up quitting there, travelling and here we are.

A hobby that’s actually turned into so much more.

I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that it’s ok to have these slumps! Without these slumps you’d be on a ride that was just going forward without any peaks or time to assess actually what your doing and why your doing it, where it stemmed from & what’s your next move. Plus, when these slumps happen, you just don’t know what the universe is helping you with!

So here’s to slumps and connecting the dots between where it all started and where you wish to be in a year or 10 years from now. The people you meet and the choices you make are all part of the bigger picture, the journey is what you make it.

So like Mr Einstein above, choose to laugh instead of cry and stick out your tongue and have FUN on your journey!

Have a blessed day!

P x





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