Live: The Dunwells @ Night & Day

Last February I went on by to HMV Ritz to shoot a band I’d never heard of. It was one of the first gigs I came back and shot in over a year. It felt amazing to shoot music again, this time I had a path and clarification of the road I wanted to go down. The band? The Dunwells. (Click here to see the post)

They were awesome to shoot live, they have a stage presence that captivates, Joe on vocals, when his belting out the vocal, sheer passion comes through. (I could be wrong, it’s the vibe I get though!) Their music sounds fresh and different, their harmonising is breath taking. I’m stoked I found their music at the time.

I’d seen them 3 times last year and enjoyed the shows, they were in town on Monday night playing at Night & Day in Manchester following the release of their album ‘Follow The Road‘.  I can never attend a gig with my camera in tow and not use it, doesn’t matter how hard I try. So I went ahead and got these shots on the night. We got some headshots pre-gig, I’ll be following up with a separate post.

Here are some shots from the show – it was a brill evening. I hope these catch the atmosphere the way I saw them on the night!

Check out their track ‘Blind Sighted Faith‘ below. You can find them over on Facebook at & Twitter under the handle @thedunwells


pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_1pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_3pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_5 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_6 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_7 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_8 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_9 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_10 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_11 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_12 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_13 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_14 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_15 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_16 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_17 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_18 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_19 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_20 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_21 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_22 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_23 pshikotra_music_photography_manchester_dunwells030613_24


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P x


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