Shooting Portraits // Musician Joe Dunwell

The other week I went and saw The Dunwells play at Night & Day in Manchester. I dropped Joe a message a few weeks before to see whether he’d be up for being a subject for some quick headshots pre-gig. I shot them live last year at HMV Ritz and I think he photo’s really well. Naturally, I can’t stand still at a gig with a camera in tow so ended up  shooting at the show for the heck of it. You can see the photos and post here .

These were taken on a 50mm F1.4 Canon in natural light.


Thanks Joe for helping out!

pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_joe_dunwells_colour2 pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_joe_dunwells_colour3 pshikotra_photography_manchester_music_joe_dunwells_colour4


Check out to hear their music.
Follow them on twitter at @thedunwells & Facebook

P x


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