New Music Finds // Tribes, Rainy Milo & Kimberly Ann

This past week I’ve found some brand spankin’ new music that my ears loved. Your ears might love the sound of these guys and gals too.

Tribes is the first one. Turns out they’ve been around since 2010 – I came across their track ‘Dancehall’ – Totally adore the video for it and the track has a distinct sound to it, or so my ears tell me. Their track ‘How The Other Half Live‘ is pretty uplifting and their lyrics ‘Give it, give it, give it , You gotta give it some time , You gotta give it some time Before you try to give up’ seems to be a re-occuring message people have been shouting out loud the last couple weeks – very relevant! Check out the latter below

Discovered Rainy Milo‘s music after reading an article about her in a magazine. Apparantly she’s only 17!  Listen to her music, she’s got a voice on her alrighty! Makes me wanna hang out in a chair under the sun and chill my bones – Check her track out ‘Bout you‘ below

This next one, I totally fell in love with the video plus the track. I think it’s so simple yet not, it’s great to see simple video’s where it’s stripped back and the music does the talking. Artist Kimberly Ann and her track ‘Bury It There‘. Give it a watch below!





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