The Big Smoke & Tom Odell

On Friday I set off to London. I had a pre wedding consultation on Friday evening and a girl friend of mine invited me to crash at hers for the night. So I did! Leave me in Manchester for a few weeks and I feel like I’m about to break out in some disease! Ok, maybe not disease but everything starts to bug me.

Amazing how much it helps to just hit the road for a couple days and get a change of scenery. It’s wonderful.

It was a great trip as this time it weren’t rushed. We hung out during the day Friday and whilst Lisa headed out to work in the evening, I caught up with my bride and groom and then Saturday day we hung out at Camden. The pre-wedding consultation went amazing, the couple were fantastic and i’m stoked to be working with them on their big day in August.

Lisa downloaded an app called Pic Stitch. I downloaded the free version to the iPhone, it’s pretty cool!  It lets you make collages of photos and add filters like Instagram, and then share them to social networks etc  – as you can tell…we went a bit crazy stitching photos together! Here’s some photos from in and around on our explore!

Notting Hill by evening! The cocktail was at Artesian in the Langham Hotel in the city – Amazing service and it was served up on Japanese comic pages! ‘Spontaneity’ it was called – Loved the text in Dazed & Confused magazine.
photo 5
Explore around Camden
photo 1
Fell in love with this book shop a couple months ago. If your ever in Notting Hill area by Portobello Road, pop in!
photo copy
Lisa’s mad instagram skills! Thanks lady! Noodles after cocktail of course!

I spotted a massive poster for Tom Odell down at the tube station. He looked interesting, I checked his music out after coming back to Manchester. I just fell in love with his music. Check out ‘Hold Me‘  below.

Hope you guys have had a great weekend whatever you got up to and where ever you are!

P x

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2 thoughts on “The Big Smoke & Tom Odell

  1. Tom Odell is one awesome dude. Stoked for the release of his new album. I’ve been playing “Grow Old With Me” on repeat for a while itll be nice to have the rest of the tracks too!

    1. He’s awesome hey! Did you see the Burberry show he did? It’s jaw dropping beautiful. I was meant to catch him love but got to ordering his tickets too late and it’s sold out. Hopefully get to shoot the show though fingers crossed!

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