Natural Light vs Controlled Light

Up until a couple weeks ago I’d been shooting in natural light  / available light. By this I mean shooting for eg; at live shows the lights on the set up, outdoors, light pouring through windows and so forth.

I can’t figure out what’s better yet – Controlled lighting or available light. I’ve been testing on a mannequin since I got the new set up in place. Yep I got some creative space now. It’s great to be able to just go crazy and test / learn as and when I want to. I got some ideas in my head but learning it and sussing it out is challenging! Good thing I love a challenge.

I called a model friend up to see if she was around for a test shoot the other day. She came by a few days later and we set the afternoon aside.

Working in controlled lighting is a whole new curve ball. I’ve never been that interested in studio work in all honesty, it doesn’t really excite me. I’m more excited about learning  it indoors and then actually taking the lighting on location shoots. It’s pretty damn exciting!

The kit being used at the moment is a Bowens Gemini R. These were captured with a basic set up of 2 heads and one soft box. I’m looking to introduce a third head at some point. It’s pretty simple to get a studio look, but I’m more keen on figuring out shadows / shades and that sort of element to it.

Big thanks to Natalie for being my subject, I’ve worked with her before on this Beauty and the Beast concept shoot! If your interested in working with her, you can find her on twitter under the handle of @babymak

P x

pshikotra_fashion_photography_manchester_natalie_balmain2 pshikotra_fashion_photography_manchester_natalie_balmain1 strip




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