Lessons Learnt & A Trip to Paradise

This break was long overdue!  At the back end of 2012 – yep a whole 7 months ago, I turned around and said to my partner in crime & one of my best buds, Clare, I needed a break.

2012 was pretty much go go go. It was the first year where I truly threw myself into photography, I needed that year to really set the foundations of what could be. I’ve recently slowed down to really think about the path I want to carry on with and want to give my focus to a 110%.

I’ve learnt so many lessons and grown so much over this period, one of the key things I’ve learnt is really listening to your gut instinct and inner voice, and truly following what it’s saying, regardless of what some might say. Being true to who you really are and what you believe in can be one of the most challenging tasks. Especially with so many opinions, options and white noise around you. To a certain extenct, I think it makes you a little introverted!

Another thing is never to send out drunken emails. Ha! I’m going to leave that for another post I have planned!

We managed to arrange a last minute break to Sa Coma in Palma. I was sold on the photos alone on google search!

The cost of the trip was comparable to a trip in the UK. Plus we were sold on the idea of a beach holiday last minute.

We got a 3 night all inclusive break, flights, transfers AND accomodation included for £192 GBP via Teletext Holidays. Brill! The accomodation was for a studio at Blue Sea Gran Playa Aparthotel. The restrictions on inclusive luggage amount was 10kg. It’s the first time EVER I’ve been away with so little. I did myself proud though – I checked in with 3KG! Winner! This also meant no Canon 5D with me – So my point and shoot and iPhone were super useful!

We were pretty impressed with the accomodation and the location also. It was a couple of minutes walk from the beach (utter bliss) and there were two pools on-site. We opted to hang out at the beach though! The plan was to go away on a budget (once a backpacker, it’s in your blood to get things done on a budget!) and this fitted right in. We ended up eating out most days as the vegetarian options weren’t that great on the all inclusive menu’s. All in all though, it was an amazing get away and I’m so thankful for being able to take the 3 days out to really wind down and enjoy the sun and ocean!

Here are some photos from the trip

From the plane – Manchester to the left, Palma on the right
Panorama on the iPhone from the balcony – It kinda went wrong! I’m trying to perfect the balance 😉



pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca12 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca2



Eddie the parrot!
Eddie the parrot!

Blaring sun every morning


pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca1 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca3 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca4 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca5 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca6 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca7 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca8 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca9 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca10 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca17 pshikotra_travel_manchester_photography_sa_coma_palma_mallorca19

Tired? Check out and go and visit paradise for a couple of days… It’ll do you the world of good

P x

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