New Music Finds: Love for Zero, City & Colour + Blue King Brown

The other week Love For Zero gave me a follow on twitter, so I checked out their music. Their creating some great fresh sounds – These ears are LOVING their sound. They hail from Manchester and are playing a gig at Sound Ctrl on 27th September. I’m getting down to that one – I reckon they’ll be a band to keep your eyes on. Check out their track ‘Fear In Your Eyes‘ below. You can find some of the other tracks over on Soundcloud 

I came across a video of P!nk the other day – She was on stage with an artist called City & Colour. Hadn’t heard of the guy prior to this to be honest.  I’ve since fallen in love with the track and gone and checked out some music by him – His music is growing on me but this track… I just adore! P!nk & City & ColourWhat Makes A Man‘ – Check it below

Blue King Brown! Discovered these guys whilst out in Australia, on the night shift at the roadhouse there use to be a show called Rage on – back to back music videos from midnight through till 6am straight. I first heard them on the show – I’ve been following them since then and it was amazing to read on twitter that their currently touring around Europe & heading over to state side / Canada. If you love urban roots vibe – then check these guys out – they deliver a strong message through their music – Their latest track is ‘Rize Up‘. You can get the single for FREE via signing up to their mailing list here.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week and the sun is shining where you are!

P x



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