Faith it till you make it!

I wrote this post lastnight after returning from a gig – 3 Desperados later I was feeling merry (lightweight – i KNOW).. So I held off hitting the ‘publish’ post until today.

So I just returned from a show tonight. It’s 23:33pm here in Manchester right now. 

I ran into a friend  – an ex colleague whom I remained in contact with after he left the work place say 4/5 years ago. Funny how shit works out – I speak to a handful of people from that place. He’s one of them yet he’s one of the first that was to leave soon after I started working for the company. 

We stayed in touch here and there via Facebook and at the back end of 2011 he was in touch asking whether I’d be up for shooting him out on location. Of course I said yes and soon after returning from travelling we pencilled in a date. 
One of my fave shots is of him – it recently won a contest part judged by photographer Kevin Cummins (check it here) . Bit of a biggie for me, musician in question gave me a headsup on the photographer and also his a huge fan of Kevin Cummins work. The contest winners got announced on their EP launch. Double whammy. 
The band are contemplating calling it quits. Frontman is wrapping up his last year in Uni. amongst other factors. So when I bumped into him tonight – I jumped right in and asked him WHY?! . I’m a fan of their music, it’s been crazy to see them come together and grow as a band and Sam as an artist. 
I may have told him he’s in the wrong location before he had the chance to tell me why. 
He agreed.
You see, the world is your oyster, I truly believe that. 
I got a friend who was sick of shit over here in the UK, so he packed his shit and moved to Tokyo. His been out there for a year now and hasn’t looked back. Someone I met out in autsalia came back to the UK and relocated to Amsterdam. One of the bands I regularly listen to are from Leeds, they got signed to  a label in Texas. I mean holy shit… It’s real life people! Good shit can happen if you want it bad enough. I never thought I’d have a shot of mine up backstage in Manchester Arena in star dressing room or the same shot would appear in a gallery in NYC. I never thought I’d get to the point where I was contributing to a music magazine.  Baby steps.. But steps none the less. 
I think you gotta have faith in who you work with and have similair goals and aims. With the talent and hardwork…. The sky is your limit. So aim HIGH & then some!
Just cos we may not have the opportunity right here right now doesn’t mean we can’t strive to succeed and try harder to get that goal we have our heart set on…. It sometimes takes ONE person to have faith in you and your work and give you THAT golden opportunity you been seeking for weeks / months / years….
Keep the faith alive and work hard!
P x

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