Behind The Scenes: The Rubys

It’s been a while since I worked with the guys from The Rubys. The guys rang me up a couple weeks back, last minute, and asked me to head on over to their filming  of their music video at the weekend.

I went on by on the first day of the filming, I got some stills as they were shooting and later we got some headshots and some band shots just near by to where they were filming.

It was great to catch up with the guys and shoot some stills at the filming! Thanks for having me there guys!

Their video for  ‘Sell The Sun At Once‘ is dropping in the next couple weeks, check out their music via their website here and if you want to see the video upon release, stay up to date by checking them out on facebook here.

Some shots from the day…

pshikotra_manchester_music_photography_the_rubys8 pshikotra_manchester_music_photography_the_rubys7 pshikotra_manchester_music_photography_the_rubys6 pshikotra_manchester_music_photography_the_rubys5 pshikotra_manchester_music_photography_the_rubys4 pshikotra_manchester_music_photography_the_rubys3 pshikotra_manchester_music_photography_the_rubys2




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