New Music Find Monday

So I’ve changed up the name of the blog post a little bit! From now on, it’s going to be called New Music Find Monday. You guessed it, I’ll be posting them on Mondays. I’ve been finding that the titles of the new find posts were getting longer and longer. Well annoying!


Breakfast in Bed by John J Flynn. This came up in my social networking feed a few days ago. If something comes up on my feed, 9 times out of 10, I’ll click on it. Music fiend… 😉 If your reading Joe, thanks for the share! I love animated videos.. I’m a bit of a big kid! I’m not sure I fully got the concept for this video to be honest, but it made me wanna bawl my eyes out. The track is pretty amazing too. I don’t know too much about them yet, plus it’s a demo that’s up. But check it out, you may like it

Volcano Choir – Bygone. Holy crap! I hadn’t heard them before, turns out it’s a side project of Bon Iver‘s. I think I may have been living under rocks. Absolutely brilliant! I fell in love with the track and you just gotta watch this video. Directed by Michinori Saigo, it’s so simple yet not. It captivated me the whole way through. The track is from the forthcoming album titled Reprave and it drops in September – I’m looking forward to it!

I just discovered the next track a couple of days ago. Them And Us have been around since 2011, hailing from the big schmoke aka London, UK. They’ve been in the studio recording their latest music with producer James Rushent who’s worked with the likes of Prodigy / Biffy Clyro. I loved the styling in the video, I love most things with a fantasy element to it, (check out photoshoot Project NYC if you haven’t already) and the track got me pumped this morning! Track is titled Happy Never After. It’s available as a free download on their sound cloud here.



2 thoughts on “New Music Find Monday

  1. Hi,

    You posted our track Breakfast In Bed and the video on August 12th? Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for the share! We’re from Ireland and we’re off to Switzerland at the end of the week to record the song properly (the demo you heard was recorded in a tiny campervan on the beach!). You mentioned you know nothing about us, well, you know a little bit more now:) Anything else you wanna know? Just ask

    Thanks again.


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