New Music Find Monday

Some DIRTY rock for your ears!

Ruby Tuesday

These guys I discovered a couple of months back in Manchester. One of the guys from Puppet Rebellion (Check them out if you haven’t already, there’s a free EP available for download too!)  mentioned an all dayer in the city, I went down with a friend of mine for a couple of hours, last minute. There were some great artists on, these guys blew my mind though!

A duo hailing from Manchester, Joel Kay on Vocal & Drums and Jimmy McCarthy on Guitars. Their set was captivating to say the least, and the music sucked me right in! Their currently working on their album and are gigging in and around Manchester over the next few weeks, including support for Badly Drawn Boy at Deaf Institute Totally recommend you catch them live. They dropped an album preview last week, check it out below.

If your in & around Manchester, you can catch them live in the next few weeks at:

Saturday 24th August – Castle Hotel Abattoir Blues Festival.
Friday 6th September – Deaf institute. Supporting Badly Drawn Boy. 
Friday 20th September – Bay Horse Northern quarter. (NMFM Alternative radio show event.)

Deap Vally

L.A rock Duo Lindsey Troy & Julie Edwards, two valley girls rocking n rolling, mix of blues and some crazy mad skills on drum and guitar’s. Who doesn’t love a video with knuckle busters, motorcycles & denim. Your either gonna love them or hate them. Check out their latest video and track ‘Bad for my Body‘ below. They’ve also got a free download of on of their tracks via their website. Looks like it’s US only at the moment though! (Boo!)

The Black Angels

The guys hail from Austin Texas and the line up consists of Christian Bland, Alex Maas, Stephanie Bailey and Kyle Hunt. Fell in love with their track Holland from their album Indigo Meadow. The album dropped back in April this year, their single ‘Don’t Play With Guns‘ being the first release off the album. The track was written days before 2012’s mass shooting in Aurora Colorado.

In their own words “In ‘Don’t Play With Guns’ the antagonist is a female who has the power of persuasion over a man,”.  “Substitute the female antagonist with a Nation, substitute the manipulated man with yourself. Heed the warning: Don’t Play With Guns.” (Via

The band are currently on tour, their heading to Manchester UK in September, 99% I’m there!

Check out the video for ‘Don’t Play With Guns‘ below.

P x

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