Photoshoot: Balaclava Brigade // Bait Mcr

This past weekend we worked with the guys from Bait Manchester. We worked 3 different looks on the day. I’m loving their apparel and what their brand and label is about.

BIG thanks to the guys over at Bait Manchester, Caprice (MUA & Hair / Styling) and Raf (Model).

Stay tuned for more looks from the shoot, here’s one…


bait_manchester11 bait_manchester12 bait_manchester13 bait_manchester14 bait_manchester15 bait_manchester16

bait_manchester1 bait_manchester2 bait_manchester3 bait_manchester4 bait_manchester5 bait_manchester6 bait_manchester7 bait_manchester8 bait_manchester9 bait_manchester10 bait_manchester17 bait_manchester18


I’ll be sharing some more from this shoot soon!

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