Riding the Waves & other Random things

This week’s been insane, ain’t gonna lie – Loved it. Someone on Twitter sent me a #ff – this made me aware of the fact that it’s friday.

No I didn’t go surfing, I’ve always wanted to try surfing but it wasn’t till this year that I overcame my fear of being in neck deep ocean water. Maybe next year?

Couple weeks back I sat at my Mac flicking through my work & was stumped.

– Where do I go from here? ( Well, you gotta do X Y Z, why the fuck are you asking yourself this)
– How the heck do I get from this point where I’m at to the next point where I wanna be at? (Well what have you done to get this far and what’s working and not working, keep changing till you see the result you want douche bag)
– Is this worth it? (Fuck yes, the highs outweigh the lows so far – why give up now)

Yeah this is my brain 9 times out of 10 99% of the day.

Ya see, with the creative industry there’s no set rules or routes on how to get from A to B. (I might be doing all this wrong though, maybe there’s a route or a direction but no one’s filling me in on it!) I’m kind of carving my own path. Or trying!

I switched my mac off at this point and thought, fuck it. I got my iPad and played Candy Crush. I was doing so well steering clear of that damn thing until that night! (I’m not obsessed, yet)

I figured there’s only so much you can do until you reach a point at which your future sometimes is in the hands of other people. You can do the background hard work, shed tears, and lay the foundations out and give it your all & then you kinda need a bit of luck to help you along, and the right people to work with. You can choose your path but need that little bit of luck to help you along..

That night, I thought ‘fuck it, right now it’s out of my control’.

As if by magic a couple days later I got a sign off on an assignment by a publication. I got to shoot a band the other day for a feature in a magazine state side, the band recently were on the covers of Kerrang! magazine. Kinda intimidated me the fact that some of the well known photographers  had just worked with these guys & here’s little old me trying to do my thing. I guess you gotta step up to the plate though right? I’ve waited so long to be on the other side of it all. It kinda feels like maybe this CAN work out though people are still telling me it’s not feasible…I guess time and hardwork will tell…

Think I need the word ‘PERSEVERANCE’ tattoo’d to me some place.

So I’m trying to work on the ‘ride out the waves’ saying. My good friend likes to remind me of that. She’s a Libra. So balanced them scales 😉

You ever get like that? Where you think ‘what the heck is this I’m doing and why – do I quit it?’.

Maybe you need to join me and ride out the waves too, oh and PERSEVERE. Shit might just work out for us. Short term struggle, long term gain. Or whatever that saying is. You know the one…

I fell in love with this beautiful Tiffany’s watch lock charm from their Atlas Collection… I need this in my life! Just look at it…my oh my.




Tiffany & Co 



This gorgeous man is bringing the 20/20 tour experiance to Manchester in 2014. We got floor seats!!!!! Bring it on Mr Timberlake ….



This panda is so adorable. I’d love to hang out with him / her and be best friends for life


When people don’t understand why travelling is amazing. What’s not amazing about the possibilities of experiencing the above?! 😉 (Northern Lights)

P x


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