Music Monday – It’s Halloween week!

Eeeeeek! How is it Halloween already? I love it!

I’ve been hooked on Costa’s Hot Spiced Apple drink this past week, like honestly it tastes  amazing. The change in weather has left me a little bit ill (I was doing so well this year!) Taste buds are pretty shitty right now, this drink is breaking right through that! It’s so warm tangy and sweet with spices & cinnamon. Yum!



I totally want to make these skull eggs with a Funny Side Up frame



I’d LOVE to check these abandoned amusement parks out in Japan, they’d be bloody incredible to shoot at! Check them out over at Bizarbin and Tofugu.



An Island full of creepy dolls in Mexico. It looks flippin’ creepy but amazing – Read about it over at Weburbanist.



This video directed by Agata Alexander DestructoTechnology is BRILLIANT! It’s been out for a while – I totally love it.

And yes I do love a little bit of Backsteet Boys in my life 😉

Have a a great Halloween folks!!

P x

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