Oh Mr Walt Disney, Where are these flying carpets you speak of… And pet tigers?!

Oh but Bitstrip, I love you…

photo 4

So my friend who’s been interning for some amazing places over the last year whilst studying Fashion in London is now in that transition stage of education to work life. She took some timeout to get back on the one thing she actually REALLY wanted to pursue.

Same as me really, I only really went back to Photography March 2013 to see where it would take me. I’m pretty damn glad I did.

Another friend has gone back to Uni to study Animal Science. She told me she’s off to South Africa next year for a few weeks as part of her course to work on a reserve. I almost DIED. Obviously reminded her to take millions of photos whilst on this reserve!!!! I wanna be there!

Whilst on the other hand another friend is pursuing Audio Engineering and another might just be on the verge of moving to USA which is taking him a huge step closer to his dream!

Kudos to my girls, and guy!

It’s ‘weird‘ to go back to education or try and pursue what you really wanna do outside of the ‘normal’ age bracket (apparently, I don’t even know what it means? Fuck society- If you have the opportunity to follow through, do it.Β ). But I always raise the point of how the hell are you gonna know what you wanna potentially do for the rest of your life without really experiencing this thing called ‘life’. Or the job you signed up for. Β (Unless of course you had the gut feeling at a super young age and decided to follow through – KUDOS to you if so)

Sure, the education system is in place from super young to maybe 16 – 18 here in the UK, if you decide to carry through to college / 6th form or 18 – 22 + if you decide to further go to uni, but how can you possibly know it’s your chosen path w/o real life experience.

Did you ever see Half Nelson? Ryan Gosling is in it, I urge you to watch it, It’s amazing.

I personally took a year out during uni, worked in an office for 6 months doing what I was studying, and wanted to hang myself straight up! Like all I cared about was making shit look good, I couldn’t care less as to whether it worked and did the job or not.

The only great thing about my day was that it was on the 13th floor and the views were pretty awesome….And there was a super cool guy called Paul who had an amazing beard who worked there – I kid you not, he’s like a TWIN of Zach Galifianakis aka Alan – The Hangover. It’s been a few years since I worked there but when the movies was released, it totally reminded me of Paul!

I use to go in to the place thinking and probably looking like this. It wasn’t even the pressure. I just grew to hate it. With a passion.

photo 1

I went back to Uni thinking ‘Oh fuck, maybe this was all wrong, but hey I enjoy the creative aspect of this course I signed up for, so let me do this’.

Miss Fashionista above posted this to book of face earlier.

How come on Devil Wears Prada the girl just swans into an interview, the editor gives her a bit of a hard time she walks down the stairway with crocodile tears (cos she didn’t even fucking want the job) someone runs after her and she gets hired!? When in reality you have to spend 1-2yrs working for free and still have to pound the city pavements searching for a minimum wage opportunity!??? I call for a RE-MAKE!!!! It’s exceptionally mis-leading!!!!!!! ‘P

I almost choked up when I read it. It’s bloody true. You gotta love the glamorous job role people like to see but don’t care to see how long said person got that dream job and sacrifices they made to get to where they wanna be. Oh Hollywood, please re-make this movie with a little bit of truth to it.

I didn’t see Almost Famous yet – but apparently this needs a remake too?!

My response. ‘If it was easy to get, EVERYONE would be a fashion editor at Vogue & a ROCKSTAR. We are alot closer to where we wanna be compared to a couple years ago’.

Mr Walt Disney, I can take a rain cheque on a prince, I’ve had my fair share of frogs, I know your reading froggies.

I’m so done with frogs.

I won’t apologise.

BUT where the heck are these magic carpets and pet tigers you speak of? And Hollywood, where the fuck are the amazing jobs you see in the movies?!

Oh wait, they do exist… They just take time as Mr Walt Disney exercises in Princess & The Frog.

The girl began with a dream….

photo 5
Me when someone tells me I can’t do something

Hey little Miss Fashionista, and Miss Animal Science. I guess this post is for you girlies and ME! Β And anyone else who’s dreaming & moving forward…

Hardwork. Perseverance. Talent. And maybe a teeeeeny tiny bit of luck. You can get your dream job / life.

I don’t know about the Prince though πŸ˜‰ We’ll find out in a couple years time!

I guess this post is to friends, family and dreams… and less of the froggies but more of the magic carpets and pet tigers!!

Noone said it would be easy, but at least you got a passion and goals your aiming high for. We are blessed to have that!

Those magic carpets in my head… THEY’LL COME along with Rusko my pet White Tiger πŸ˜€ Oh & that Beach front house… ONE DAY.

Let’s go guys….. Heads held high πŸ˜‰

photo 2

P x


P.S If this post totally didn’t make sense, I blame the wine! It tastes too good πŸ˜‰



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