Live: Deap Vally – Manchester Club Academy

Last week, Deap Vally came to town. They played at Club Academy here in Manchester, UK.

For anyone that hasn’t been to the Club Academy, it’s the basement venue at Manchester Academy.

There’s Academy 1 which is situated down Oxford Road. It’s a brilliant venue and I was so stoked to see & meet Korn at this venue last year after having seen them at Manchester Arena which is HUGE, and Apollo which is in the middle somewhere.
Academy 1 is super intimate and holds around 2300 people on a full house gig. Academy 2 is situated on the first floor of the student’s union and Academy 3 is situated up top on the second floor of the students union.

Club Academy is a really intimate venue, super atmospheric too. I love it! There was around 6/7 people in the pit making it challenging a little, but everyone shooting on the night had great etiquette, it always helps.

The girls rocked the set so hard. As a photographer, it was great to be able to shoot a drummer in full view since generally they’re hiding out there at the back of the stage.

If you get a chance to see them, you totally should.

A set of shots from the show










priti_shikotra_deap_vally_manchester_academy5 priti_shikotra_deap_vally_manchester_academy6 priti_shikotra_deap_vally_manchester_academy7 priti_shikotra_deap_vally_manchester_academy8priti_shikotra_deap_vally_manchester_academy11


P x


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