Feature Shoot: The Struts

Oh my days, I just finished watching this week’s episode of CW’s Beauty & The Beast – What a cliffhanger. Figured I’d better do something productive now.. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

At the back end of last month I hit up London Town for the guys over at Local Wolves Magazine to shoot The Struts for a feature. It was a a wicked day & first time shooting down in London, won’t be forgetting it in a hurry. It’s always nice to shoot somewhere new and different where you feel out of your depth a little. We wrapped the shoot up within the hour and headed on / away.

The shoot turned out to be a 6 page feature for the magazine, stoked with the way it’s looking in the magazine. You can have a read of the interview on the current issue of the magazine, digital version here.


The Struts hail from Derby, UK and recently released their single Could Have Been Me. No doubt you’ll come across their music some point soon.

It’s such an anthem – check out the video.

To find out more about the band check out there Facebook page & you can find them on Twitter.

We were aiming for a documentary style shoot for the feature & so instead of sharing just band portraits, I’m sharing a few different ones below as per the feature in the magazine.

Check them out below

priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_1 priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_2 priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_3 priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_4 priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_5 priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_6 priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_7 priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_8 priti_shikotra_the_struts_london_band_photography_10

P x

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