Live: Imagine Dragons – O2 Apollo Manchester

A couple days back I had the pleasure of shooting Imagine Dragons. Finally.

I’m still on a high from it to be honest.

It was my first time shooting at O2 Apollo Manchester. The fact that it was Imagine Dragons though, made it even sweeter! The show was sold out and when having a chat with security, they mentioned it was super limited as to how many people were shooting that night. (Lucky me) The venue houses around 3,500 people including seated area which is upper tier.

I had been trying to shoot Imagine Dragons for  a while, the band have been in Manchester a few times this year. To no avail! Finally got the a-ok this time round.

Security is tighter at the bigger venues, understandably. For those of you who may not know, when shooting a show, the restrictions are generally first 3 songs with no flash. The first 3 songs were Round & Round, Amsterdam & Tiptoe.

The crowd was INSANE. The band’s energy on stage was just fantastic to shoot, frontman Dan Reynolds was jumping around left right & centre.

You can take a look at some of the alternative shots shared exclusively over at Local Wolves Magazine here . (I may share some coloured shots soon in a separate post).

A set of shots from the night

priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo1 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo2 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo3 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo4 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo5 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo6 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo7 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo8 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo9 priti_shikotra_imagine_dragons_manchester_apollo10


P x

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