An Untitled Post

I couldn’t for the life of me come up with anything for the title of this post. So and untitled post it is 😉

I hadn’t spoke to a friend of mine for a couple weeks, we generally talk everyday. We caught up on the phone and she asked where I’d disappeared to. I was like errrrrr I don’t know! Just ‘stuff’.

I think I just been ‘being’ and ‘doing’ & it’s been a great feeling to really enjoy the shooting I’ve been doing recently. There’s a sense of contentment in there and I think I can say I’ve been savouring the opportunities I’ve been chasing for a while. It’s been sweet, before I gotta chase some more.

Some cool things I’ve found this week online…

If you haven’t already come across this video by my buddy / fellow creative Kyle Lambert of legend Morgan Freeman – I reckon you check it out right now. It’s amazing to see a fellow creatives reap what they sow. He shared it a couple days back and it may just hit 10 MILLION views TODAY. He has gone GLOBAL with it. Absolutely incredible. We use to work together at Apple, he’s always fascinating to watch when he’s creating a piece of work – and on iPad….Mind blowing stuff.

In Siberia, a group of percussionists did this on Lake Baikal… Amazing!

This video of a Leopard & Baby Baboon made me cry & go aww at the same time. Bi-polar much?

I brought this for my friend as part of her birthday present. I love it so much I’m ordering one for me!


Heard of the Born Free Foundation? They are an animal welfare & conservation charity. I came across Give as you Live a couple of days ago. You download the plugin, and anytime you shop online, you get notified of any website which support Give as you Live. Money is raised for the organisation by using Give as you Live. Check it out here. I’m using it! 

Hope you guys have had a wonderful week!


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