Live: Heart in Hand – Sound Control

Heart in Hand recently opened the show for Deeznuts at Sound Control here in Manchester.

Lost touch with this music scene for a bit there, digging their sound though and awesome to shoot live and the pits were pretty crazy fun. To watch!

The whole line-up on the night was ace, I’ll be sharing shots from the other acts in separate blog posts. The line-up consisted of Heart in Hand, Obey The Brave, Stray From The Path & Deeznuts. So if your a fan of any of the above, keep checking back!

Check out their track Almost There below & a set of shots from the gig are directly underneath!

heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra1 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra2 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra3 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra4 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra5 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra6 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra7 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra8 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra9 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra10 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra11 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra12 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra13 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra14 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra15 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra16 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra17 heart_in_hand_sound_control_manchester_261113_priti_shikotra18


P x

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