Live: Dub Pistols – Sound Control

Dub Pistols wrapped up their recent tour with their Manchester date at Sound Control hosted by Low Down & Dirty. The venue was jam packed and spirits were high as support act Killaflaw got the crowd pumped & left the stage, making way for Dub Pistols to work their magic.

Their sound is a mash up of ska, reggae, electronica – check out their track Bad Card below! Some feel good vibes for sure.

A set of shots from the show

priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester1 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester2 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester3 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester4 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester5 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester6 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester7 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester8 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester9 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester10 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester11 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester12 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester13 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester14 priti_shikotra_dubpistols_soundcontrol_manchester15

P x

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2 thoughts on “Live: Dub Pistols – Sound Control

  1. Do you know what Dave, I’m sitting here with dodgy earphones, listening to this and it’s ace. Thank you, and please pass it on, This is wonderful xxxxxx

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