New Music Find Monday

So these guys aren’t exactly new – But heck I been listening to them heaps recently. I think their simply brilliant. First came across their music through the soundtrack for New Moon – Their track Friends caught my ears good. The band of course is Band Of Skulls. Totally frickin’ love the name of the band too.

Their heading out on tour in the new year – I’m looking forward to catching them play live.

Check out The Devil Takes Care of His Own below. It’s an older track but I’m digging it. You might too.

Fuck it, here’s another by them – It’s just too awesome – Death By Diamonds & Pearls

I mentioned JP Cooper back in September in. Cheating abit here but after seeing him live the other week I think his music should be shared again. His voice was something else, amazing performance at Gorilla (venue), with a band, and without. He silenced the crowd through his vocal alone. The show was something else.

Halo by JP Cooper

And here’s Oh Brother

These next guys will feed the rock pop in your soul!

I saw Through Colour at Sound Control a couple months back when a buddy of mine dragged me down to the show. She had mentioned their music several times so I went along that night. They got great energy on stage and have a pretty solid fan base too. Their EP Somnium dropped not too long ago and the video for Lost was released couple months back.

Check it out below

Hope you guys are having a rockin’ Monday!

P x

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