Live: Sasha – Last Night on Earth NYE for Talenthouse

A couple weeks back I shot Deez Nuts here in Manchester at Sound Control (You can see a set of shots from the show here)

One of my fave shots was this one of a crowd surfer.



Somewhere along the lines, Talenthouse announced a contest where by you could have the opportunity to shoot Sasha’s NYE Last Night on Earth show in London at the O2 Brixton Academy. I submitted the above shot on a whim, in all honesty I didn’t think it would get far – purely because of the fact that EDM photography is generally a totally different style to shooting at a gig e.g.; rock / acoustic and so forth.

So I was pretty stoked when Talenthouse informed that I had infact won and would be heading down to London on NYE to shoot the show.

If you’re a creative and haven’t checked out Talenthouse yet, I urge you to check them out. It’s essentially a platform which connects creatives to big brands and names in the industry. There are some awesome opportunities up for grabs through the site – and there are no charges and fees to enter contests (this is a biggie for me).

The whole process from entering through to returning from the show was all managed and handled by Sasha’s management & Talenthouse with not a single glitch, and it was awesome to meet so many passionate people on one night.

For someone that’s been shooting music for a while and has literally worked up from nothing, this was a brilliant opportunity to be on stage and shoot full on Access All Areas with no restrictions – O2 Brixton was pretty much a full house on the night & so you can imagine how crazy the atmosphere was! Music photography is pretty challenging to get into & the constant uphill battle with it is very frustrating.

I think generally as a creative you have that constant battle of shooting / creating, promoting, critiquing, not knowing if someone will love it or hate it or will hire you based on the work you have already produced. On the night it was great to hear from the guys that the above shot won as it WAS so different from other entries to the contest & essentially they wanted the show covered with a different style of photography and not the general EDM style. And so it reiterated to me to carry on doing what I’m doing and hopefully it’ll attract the right people and opportunities in the near future, hey I may even get some stability from it.

It’s incredibly crazy to be producing / creating / promoting and then critiquing your own work, that’s even before it’s been shared online and so forth for others to see it. But somehow the above is necessary to grow and develop your photos / music / designs whatever it is that you do.

A massive thanks to the girls & guys over at Sasha’s management & also Talenthouse, I think it’s a great opportunity they shared with the Talenthouse community – They’re very passionate people and it was amazing to meet everyone!

Incredible night with an incredible vibe. It’s safe to say I entered 2014 on a high. Who know’s what’s next.

Here’s a set of shots from the night

priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_1 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_2priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_4 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_5 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_6 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_7 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_8 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_9 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_10 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_11 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_12 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_13 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_14 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_15 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_16 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_17 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_18 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_19 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_20 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_21 priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_22priti_shikotra_sasha_nye_lastnightonearth_talenthouse_23


P x

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