New Music Find Monday

I’m ridonculously excited to be going to O2 Brixton to see Korn at their London date in May. Turns out it’s their only show they have announced so far for the UK. I’ve been such a huge fan of the guys since I was like 15/16. At their last show in Manchester back in 2012, I got to meet the guys. It was a bucket list thing.  Ticking that off was amazing. Of course guitarist Head was away from the band for a few years, he rejoined on their Carolina Rebellion show back in 2012. So stoked to be seeing a show with him back! Incredibly excited!!

Love this fricking video & track off Paradigm Shift Never Never

Check out Joel Baker – Sara (Check out her blog here) tweeted me a link with his music. A bit different to Korn….

You Know Where My Heart Lies 

Obviously a fan of music videos here – Amazing video just dropped by Rae Morris for her single Skin

Speaking of videos, if you haven’t already checked out Beyonce‘s self titled new album. I highly recommend it!

I’ve never been a huge fan of her music, I think she’s amazing and inspirational in terms of her success in so many different areas but I’ve never gone out an brought her album,  just singles. I also live under a rock alot of the time, so when I heard about her new ‘visual’ album it was like a trigger of keywords for me. I checked out some content on youtube and I was totally loving the clippets of sounds I heard from the album, so I headed on over to HMV to purchase a copy.

It’s a whole body of work, a 17 track DVD (back to back videos) accompanied with a 13 track audio album. And that’s exactly how I see it. A DVD with a audio accompanying it.

Let me tell you, the videos are absolutely incredible!(I was hooked on the packaging and the album artwork alone to be honest at first look and feel!) The creative direction the videos have taken are probably, in my opinion, the most authentic and original work she has delivered to date as a solo artist. Her sound is so very experimental on the album too and in that sense, very different to her older work. I LOVE this album and the concept of the visual album is brilliant, never underestimate the power of visual work along with audio. It goes hand in hand! It hits the spot in terms of direction, but also creatively. By that I mean the hair, make-up, design of sets, EVERYTHING. So very worth the money!

I urge you guys and gals to check it out!

I’m looking forward to getting back to shooting real soon – If you’d like to be kept up to date with new work and going on’s, then just hit the ‘Follow’ button on this blog!

Thanks for tuning in 😉

P x





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