New Music Find Monday

First time I’ve come across a folk-y cover of Michael Jackson’s – Billie Jean and actually liked it! Check out Humming House‘s cover of the track below

Justin’s vocal’s are a bit nice in this track….

I heard this track the other day and was just like WHO IS THIS! Fell in love a bit and can’t stop listening to it! Mentioned it to my friend and she was all like ‘ Yeah he’s amazing’. I’m like… yeah sure, THANKS FOR SHARING. Pfft. His 4th studio album dropped last year, Studio Zoo. Not got round to hearing it yet but looking forward to having a listen!

Check out Newton Faukner‘s Clouds 

When a band links you to their track on twitter and it’s called ‘Sort your Life out’. Well yeah you just have to share it…haha. Ace track and digging the video! Check it out

Sort Your Life out from Preston based We Like Humans

Short but sweet!

P x



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