Sunday Schmoozeday

I feel like the last few weeks I’ve been pre-occupied with a few going ons that I haven’t been able to sit down in front of the Mac and write a post about general going ons, or infact, my monday posts I generally post with new music on there.

I’ve shot a fair amount of gigs that I haven’t even got round to uploading new work and then yesterday I was out shooting a wedding after absolutely ages. I loved it.

For the slowness and crappiness of December and January, the last few weeks have been busier and I like it that way.

I still have that nagging feeling of wanting to get a one way ticket to some place foreign. I know some of you guys and gals who have been checking in to my posts probably are already fed up of me banging on about it!! ‘Oh Priti -just go already!!!!’. or my Twitter. Oh yes, I’m always in another country in my head haha.

Ya know what, the first time round it was so much easier to up and go back in 2011. It took me ages to get to that point of going with few obstacles thrown in the way, but I made it happen. I had a great day job with possible career prospects, had graduated from university and things were going ok. And then I slowly started hating the day job, and thought f*&* this, it’s the perfect time to travel. And so I did.

This time round thing’s are a tad different. I feel like for the first time I’ve worked way too hard on career goals to walk away from it just now. And it’s SO frustrating!!

I’m slowly trying to fit the pieces together and make it work – Travel & Photography as a career – Β In my head head I have THE perfect solution. It’s a frickin’ shame that it may not happen over night though & if fate has other plans for me, I may not even meet the right people to make that happen! It can happen though… People are doing it RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT! It just ain’t me yet…

It’s true what they say ya know, it’s more about who you know over what you know! (Boo hiss!)

What else has been going on?!

Along with Beauty & The Beast (thanks CW!!) I’m totally hooked on Teen Wolf. Oh My God. Can’t believe I missed that one, it’s now on Season 3 people – Season 3! I’m catching up on it. It’s flippin’ awesome! The kid from Maid in ManhattanΒ (Jennifer Lopez was in the flick) plays Teen Wolf. Yes… I do feel like a 15 year old watching the show haha but it’s ACE! Go watch it!

In between shooting, working a p/t job, watching Beauty & The Beast, The Mindy Projects & now Teen Wolf, I’ve been making time for dog videos – haha who doesn’t need these in their life?!


Remember peeps – Time flies by whether your having fun or not.


P x

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