Band Portraits: Puppet Rebellion

Last time we worked together was early last year – infact it feels like a life time ago! (I guess it is!)

The guys of Puppet Rebellion are set to launch their second EP next week, with the EP Launch gig taking place Saturday night here in Manchester. (Sold out not suprisingly)

The band have been together for around a year, but listening to their music, you’d think they have been together for much longer (such a tight sound and live performance)

We covered a few different locations on the day – the images are set to be released over the year as and when.

For now, here are 3 of my fave shots from the day.

Check out their music & website here and you can find them on Facebook here (their first video is set to drop any day now – it’s gonna be ace no doubt so go keep check!)


priti_shikotra_puppet_rebellion1 priti_shikotra_puppet_rebellion2


P x

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