Live: Band of Skulls – The Ritz, Manchester 25.03.14

I’d been looking forward to seeing these guys play live for a while. Missed them at the back end of last year when they were supporting on an arena tour, I wanna say QOTSA but could be wrong! Double whammy cause I got to shoot the gig instead for Local Wolves.

Brill night and so worth the wait. It’s great to see them doing well over here in the UK.

Their latest album Himalayan is dropping on the 31st March over here in the UK & it’s AWESOME!

Here’s a set of shots from the show…I didn’t know whether I preferred b&w on these or coloured… So I’m being indecisive and decided to share both sets!!

I hate to share a mix of shots in b&w with a few in colour…Call it OCD or whatever you want! So here’s a treat for you πŸ˜‰

bandofskulls_ritz_manchester_priti_shikotra1 bandofskulls_ritz_manchester_priti_shikotra2 bandofskulls_ritz_manchester_priti_shikotra3 bandofskulls_ritz_manchester_priti_shikotra4 bandofskulls_ritz_manchester_priti_shikotra5 bandofskulls_ritz_manchester_priti_shikotra6


band_of_skulls_manchester_ritz_priti_shikotra1 band_of_skulls_manchester_ritz_priti_shikotra2 band_of_skulls_manchester_ritz_priti_shikotra3 band_of_skulls_manchester_ritz_priti_shikotra4 band_of_skulls_manchester_ritz_priti_shikotra5


P x

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