London Bound… & a bit of a catch up

Don’t you hate love it when your on public transport & this person comes sits next to you & decides to blare their music out on their iPod. So loud that you can hear their whole playlist… And then falls asleep with the volume high and SNORES.

His playlist so far has included Linkin Park, Nickelback, Justin Timberlake & right now, Bye Bye Bye by NSync is playing…. Atleast he has likes good sounds I guess….

This is what is happening right now people!

So I decided to plug my earphones in and do a new post. It’s been a while..

I just started reading Just Kids by Patti Smith on this trip down to London. So far so good. Totally loving the black and white imagery in the book too. It’s gorgeous…


Ooo now Goo Goo Dolls just came on… Ya know it’s loud when you hear it over your own music.

I’m London bound today to do a couple of shoots. Ones with a youtuber & ones with a musican. If there’s an interesting face to photo, you can pretty much expect for me to go make a mission of a trip to go shoot them.

I’ve been rather focused lately… It’s good! I’ve zoned out of negative people and environment and really been keeping my head down & remaining focused on my goals and what it is I’m working towards. It’s amazing just what can happen when you do this people! It’s challenging sometimes but you gotta just do it.

If your waking up and not looking forward to the day ahead then you gotta identify what is the issue and try change it and fix it up – else what’s the point? So I did just that a few weeks ago. I was taking naps – People, I NEVER take naps! I think it’s called being burnt out or being bored of life…. I’ve made some changes since then and got myself out of the rut. We all go through it don’t we?!

Few changes I’ve made…

1. Restarted my work out program. I started it last year but then January of this year I did my shoulder in. A deep tissue massage fixed it up but I wasn’t keen to carry on with it as I was shooting gigs a fair amount. So I flat out stopped for a month or two & it’s back to normal. It was aching to even hold the camera up to shoot. Health is always gotta be a priority!

2. I’ve been working a whole lot on getting my work out there. I’ve started to get the results I want but I need more of it and bigger and better things – woman needs to get out of this part time job I have and smash this!

3. I’ve been able to shoot heck of a lot more too and not just contribution based assignments aka unpaid but also turning it into more of a money earner. The sweetest paycheck is alway the one that you get from doing what you love. I just need more of it and some good opportunities. I have plenty of work behind me – it’s time to switch things up. The goal has never been clearer 😉

4. Been a bit lazy at the same time and hanging out watching films. Not gonna lie, they are probably really crappy / cheesy but it’s so good at the same time!

5. All in all accept your current position but work harder at the bigger picture… Even if it means doing crazy things! You just never know who you will meet on the way and what opportunities may come up 🙂

You guys & gals gotta check out the three tracks below too. My music Monday posts taken a hiatus haha but here’s some new sounds for you people! I’m blogging through the iPhone app so the tracks most likely won’t embed, and I apologise if the formatting is wrong but I’ll change this when I’m back at the mac.

The Dunwells
dropped a new track a couple days back. Their last album Blind Sighted Faith was released back in 2012, it’s great to hear some new material from them. Total different sound too. Check out Sleepless Nights

Puppet Rebellion dropped their video a little while back for Pirouette Love the video

The Darlingtons I saw at Puppet Rebellion’s EP launch. Brill live & catchy tracks – Check out Rotations

I’m also going on holiday soon!!!!! I’d be lying if I said I can wait 😉 will fill you in on that another time.

Have a great Sunday peeps!

P x


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