Live: Comeback Kid + The Greenery – Sound Control, Manchester

Absolutely LOVED shooting this gig at Sound Control in Manchester. I’ve never seen Comeback Kid live before, to be honest I hadn’t even heard their music until the night!! Might have turned into a bit of a fan after the night though 😉

Amazing atmosphere on stage and off – the fans were jumping on to the stage and back off going crazy crowd surfing. I was never a crowd surfer at rock gigs…still ain’t! But absolutely LOVE these kinda nights to shoot – Music brings out so much energy in people!

First support came from The Greenery. Just wow.

The loft at the venue normally has a pit access but it was stripped for this show, the frontman of The Greenery was ripping it up on stage and out on the floor with the crowd. It would have been immense to see and shoot these guys as a headliner show – amazing!

Comeback Kid were also video’ing the show for the next music video – so keep your eyes out for that one!

Here’s a set of shots from the show

























P x

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