Live: The Dunwells – Deaf Institute, Manchester

I was down at The Dunwells show at Deaf Institute, Manchester on Thursday night with the girlies!

It’s a pretty stunning venue though for sure. Looks like a mini theatre on the inside of the venue – there’s a seating area to the back with different levels, to the side and a standing area down under. It’s pretty beau! Did I mention there’s a huge glitter ball attached to the ceiling… Gorgeous! Buddy told me Alex Clare played acoustic there a couple years ago…Bit gutted I didn’t get to see that – Woulda been amazing!

The Dunwells are about to wrap up their Light Up The Skies tour here in the UK ahead of the release of their forthcoming album. The new material is sounding pretty amazing & the sound has changed a whole lot from their first album, Blind Sighted Faith. In a good way of course 😉

Shot these guys first time 2 years ago at HMV’s Next Big Thing show at the Ritz in Manchester. Since then I’ve shot them a couple more times live & some test portraits of couple of the guys, it was cool to shoot them at this venue though. It was pretty dang atmospheric.

They have one more date on the current tour at Leeds Town Hall on April 25th – Go see them live!

Check out their track Sleepless Nights below

Couple of shots from the show













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