Live: John Butler Trio – Manchester Academy

Wooohoo! I’d brought tickets to go see John Butler Trio at Manchester Academy a while back.

After a crazy few days of bad luck, there was even more bad luck to come. The tickets never arrived on time & the company I purchased them through weren’t being, let’s say, helpful about it. Anyway, I talked them round and a set of duplicates were ready to be picked up Sunday night. By this time, my buddy who I was due to go with decided to make other plans. Boo hiss!

A couple nights back I got accredited to shoot the show, so I went by and shot the show & picked up my tickets and enjoyed the gig solo!

I had a bit of an epiphany at this gig, it was epic.

And my oh my…. John Butler Trio live are just, well, awesome!! I’ll definitely be going to see them again 😉

Local Wolves Magazine will be sharing more from the show shortly, but here are a set of shots from last night.

Check out Spring To Come below from their most recent album, Flesh & Blood. 

The album is bait amazing…









P x

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