Live: InMe – Sound Control, Manchester

InMe were in Manchester last week playing at Sound Control.


For those of you who might not know who they heck they are – They’re a band from the UK who originally formed ages ago!

They were around the same time as band Kinesis were around, another band to look up if you haven’t heard them, they no longer make music but damn their music is still timeless.

Never got to see InMe the first time round, so it was pretty awesome to shoot them plus see them live. Ahhhh – They still got it!!

Supporting InMe were Oxygen Thief and The Red Paintings. Guys & gals had the crowd warmed up for InMe. 

The Red Paintings were pretty different to what I’ve seen in a long while – They had painters on stage with them painting, one on each side. One was painting a body – it looked really awesome as it went in line with the tracks they performed – a very visual performance. If you want violins, geisha dolls and aliens – This is the band to check out live! They mentioned they’re touring later this year, they’re from Australia, so check them out. Their videos are pretty trippy too which is ace!

There was a mixed crowd on the night which was great to see. There was the most adorable kid on the front row left of the stage – Looked like he was 12! Guitarist Gazz gave him the setlist – The look on his face…amazing! Then there was the old school fans who’d have been following the for years & then new generation of fans. It would be awesome to see these guys do more tours and what not – Fingers crossed for them. InMe’s Destinations EP is dropping on 1st June – Go check them out if you haven’t already come across their music – You can find them on Facebook here, frontman Dave McPherson‘s vocals….. SWOONSVILLE I TELL YOU!!

Oxygen Thief


The Red Paintings














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