The best time of year…Travel time.. I’ll BRB

Don’t you agree?

Or at least for me it is!

I love the little things, throwing your things into a bag packing, even though it’s such a chore, finding your fave flip flops, which I can’t find so had to go and purchase a new pair (boo hiss! the others are SO comfy, I know they’ll surface the day I get back or something annoying like that) even more important, NEW MUSIC FOR MY EARS. I always try and take a new album or 10 when I’m about to go away, it sets the tone for the travel for me. Do you?

I can’t wait to check-in to the flight tomorrow and switch off – I love that about trains and planes. It’s the one time I truly get headspace and switch off!

This time round, I’m going to have very limited access to internet like I did when I travelled around Thailand. It was nice. I’m looking forward to doing that again.

I went to Mallorca here in Europe last summer for a few nights, there was beautiful beaches and sun. I didn’t really get too much from that break though, it’s not a real travel experience. I love indulging in local cuisine and people watching the locals going about their daily lives, I love taking photos of this. I think it’s the contrast of places I love soaking up, it’s inspiring. I love feeling lost and everything is so…new.

I’m more at home when I’m travelling than I at at home – How whack is that?

I grabbed my bag out that I’m taking with me, if it had a mouth and was alive and could talk, it would have alot of stories to tell! All them memories from my travels came rushing back to me, this bag is for real people!! It came to Australia, Bali, Thailand, Tokyo & Hong Kong with me! I have a SPECIAL relationship with it! So did my iPhone….. Oh I’m so attached to these little things.

I love these quotes found in different places across the internet.

inspirational-travel-quotes-10 wpid-travel18 6168434ea46bcbe1301aafdcaaeac4e8 inspirational-travel-quotes-10 life-quotes-travel-is-the-only-thing-you-buy-that-makes-you-richer quote003 quotetravel Travel-quote-10 travel-quotes-7

New experiences, new people, new tastes and new smells….

Check back in a couple of weeks time to see what I got up to and hopefully I have a lot of photos to share!

I’ll BRB.

P x

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